Wait… HOLD UP! What is a first look anyway?

A first look is when the couple getting married meets up before the ceremony on their wedding day. Usually held in a private space set apart from the crowd where one waits patiently for the other to arrive and they finally get to see one another! The moment is magical, emotional and PRIVATE! It’s just the two of you… and me … or your photographer! Occasionally, the bridal party tries to sneak a peek at what’s going on but you would never know because you’re totally focused on meeting and seeing each other for the first time.


SO, WHY have a first look?


You have a private moment together before the craziness of the day begins
• It’s just a moment for the two of you to see one another before the ceremony.
• You get to see one another dressed to the 9s before anyone else!
• When you finally see one another it’s a sigh of relief!

You can be more mindful and present at your ceremony instead of worrying too much
• At the ceremony you can focus on being in the moment instead of nervous about seeing one another for the first time. (Not that you wouldn’t be in the moment even if you didn’t see one another but just from asking couples about how they felt afterwards this is what they’ve said.) You can still be nervous but at least you have seen one another and feel more grounded.

You calm down seeing one another and it takes the pressure off
• As mentioned above it just helps with the nerves! The attitude of the whole day changes and seems more relaxed as it unfolds in front of me


More time together!!!
• More time and hours together on the best day of your lives!!

You’ll still feel amazing walking down the aisle
• You’ll be on a crazy high ready to say your vows !

Saves time
• You can get your portrait session, your bridal party portraits, and immediate family portraits completed before the ceremony ever begins.

Get more photos
• Post ceremony, we can either head out for MORE photos or you can head straight to the party and enjoy spending time with one another, your guests and SNACKS!

Get Family and Bridal Party Portraits done early
• They can go enjoy your guests and party faster too!

Spend more time with guests
• You can go straight into party mode!

There are always options!
•If you’re more traditional THAT’S TOTALLY COOL! There’s always other options or just seeing one another walking down the aisle is still such a beautiful moment.
• BUT if you still want to do something special just for the two of you before the ceremony you can do a meeting of sorts: Maybe exchange a letter between a door or wall or hold hands for a brief moment.


Whatever you decide to do OWN it! This is your day and you should make it exactly the way you want it to be - First Look or Not.

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