10 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day

1. Hire a Day Of Coordinator/Wedding Planner.
This will save you! I cannot recommend this to my clients enough. If you have someone at your venue that's a coordinator for your venue that's not enough; they are overseeing many things going down at the venue that day. You need someone who is there from Day 1 of planning, can give you vendor suggestions, plan your entire day and even oversee that everything is set up just right. If you need a recommendation I have plenty of Wedding Coordinators in my "Friendors List" that I love working with.

2. Create a Timeline.
I do this with all of my clients. I have you fill out a questionnaire that will help me understand how your day will unfold; where I need to be and who I need to be talking to. Once the timeline is created I help by moving the day along smoothly and guide you into each new moment with ease. I'm basically a bridal party member with a camera. Knowing what's going to happen each hour of your day will help you see how it will run smoothly and may help ease any worries that you may have on timing of certain events. 

3. Make Sure your gown/tux fits properly!
Try it on! Move in it! Bring someone with you to your last fitting who will know EXACTLY how to help put your dress/tux on. Sometimes there's a need for a crochet hook! Weird right? Having someone who knows how to help you will help your day run smoother. It will also get you into that dress/tux faster and with ease. If there's ever any issue I am more than happy to step in! I love helping out where I can and I come with a crazy amount of random items you may need, including the elusive bobby pin! 

4. Delegate.
Your Bridal Party and Family are there for you. Give them jobs, errands to run, or just to be there to make you smile!

5. Designate.
As mentioned above, your Bridal Party/Family is your go to for everything. Designate someone who knows just as much about the wedding day as you do and when someone approaches you on your wedding day about an issue or a question direct them to that person. This takes the stress away from you and is resolved easily. Or just look at me and I'll find someone to solve it for you.

6. Plan Ahead.
Okay so, we know we don't want rain on your wedding day OR MAYBE YOU DO! But for those of you who don't, have a back up plan! Get cute umbrellas for your bridal party or maybe wear adorable hunter boots? Rain isn't always going to be the culprit... sometimes it's grass! Bridesmaids walking down a grassy outdoor wedding aisle can sometimes get stuck so I usually suggest planning ahead and asking them to wear sensible shoes or grab those amazing little heel savers that help from digging into the ground. Groomsmen rarely know how to put on cufflinks properly or their boutonnieres so designate someone who can help with that. Just think ahead on what may be an easy thing to be resolved and you'll be smooth sailing!

7. Assign a Photo Wrangler!
When it comes time for family portraits somehow-someway one family member always disappears and the group is left waiting. Be sure to let everyone that you would like in your family formal portraits know ahead of time when and where they need to be. If for some reason there's still that missing aunt/uncle/cousin assign a photo wrangler prior to the day of to run and grab them. Even before portraits begin give your wrangler a nudge to have everyone in place. Also, give your photographer or wedding coordinator a list of your groups by first name and who exactly will be in that photo. This helps everyone involved know who is needed in the image AND gets everyone to cocktail hour! 

8.  Don't worry about table visits!
So, for those of you who are more traditional and would love to do this that's totally okay! But for those who are like, "UGH I just want to enjoy my day and dance the night away and eat of this amazingly delicious food around me." then don't worry about it. Your guests are honored to be invited to celebrate in your special day! They're so happy for you and happy to be there that they will join you on the dance floor and FIND YOU to say hello and congratulations! This tip may not be a popular one but again it's your day and you call the shots!

9. Do what you want!
I seriously can't say this enough to my clients. This is your day, your WEDDING DAY! Too many times I've heard family or friends push agendas on how they want the wedding to be. To me this isn't even an option. It's hard dealing with that but it'll brush off if you have to put your foot down. It's your wedding day, YOU are getting married so YOU should be deciding on whether it's in a church, on a mountaintop, BIG, small, in a hot air balloon, in your basement, at a courthouse, only parents invited, etc. etc. This is your chance to let your vision and your significant other's shine through and to share in the most special day of your lives. I should have listed this one first but this translates into my final tip. 

10. Remember the reason you're celebrating!
Your wedding day will move by so quickly. Everyone says that but it's true. Don't become overwhelmed by planning and making sure everything is perfect. What really matters is that you're celebrating the union of yourself and your significant other. Just take a deep breath if you feel overwhelmed, hold them by the hands, look into their eyes and everything else will melt away. Take in the moment and enjoy the day.