Jess + Lilly

I've known Jess Belotti for just over 6 years. A few days ago I was able to finally meet her adorable dog Lilly. It was also the first time I was able to visit Jess' property in Lenox, Pennsylvania. I lived in the city most of my life so I was very excited to see where Jess grew up. As I made my way toward her home, the thing I most admired was the setting around me. There were twists and turns on an old dirt road and then I finally came to Jess' drive way. I drove right past it and I'm glad I did. I looked up at her home and it was literally something out of a painting. It was a quaint cottage right in the middle of an open field and placed perfectly atop a rolling hill. I swear I've seen this home in a snowy photograph somewhere. A beautiful home befitting of a beautiful person, inside and out! Jess has become one of the best friends that I've ever had. She's so kind, forward and helpful. As I drove up the long driveway Lilly ran out to meet me and huffed and puffed at my car. When I got out of my car I was expecting Lilly to run up and greet me but she was so timid and ran right to her mommy; I was so surprised because she's such a large dog! It took a little while for Lilly to get used to me but we ended up having a blast during our session. I hope you enjoy these images because I enjoyed the experience of taking them.  

Leah Daniels