Audrey - Baby Portraits at the University of Scranton

I never in a million years would have thought that I would be blogging... ever. But, it seems that I have become fond of the blogging world and am going to try my hand at writing one of my own! I really hope you enjoy my first ever blog post! 

Audrey. Where do I begin? I suppose at the beginning! I first came to know the Bistran family through my husband. His friend Mike was the perfect choice to be a groomsman in our wedding because over the years he had become such an amazing friend. Mike is one of the most wonderful and caring people I have come to know; he truly loves his family unconditionally. I cannot say enough good things about this guy and his family! His mother is the sweetest woman and always has a smile on! She gives her all in everything she's involved in, especially community events. So, when it came time to celebrate another friend’s wedding together I finally met another member of his family, his sister Amanda. She was charming as ever! Michael spoke so highly of her and her daughter Audrey that it was a breath of fresh air to finally put names to faces.

Allow me to paint the picture! In walks Amanda holding this tiny, blonde hair, bright blue-eyed wonder of a child, wearing these adorable plastic pink pearls around her neck and beaming with a big beautiful smile. She came ready to celebrate! Audrey is one of those children who sincerely captivate you the minute they come in to your life. I was so amazed at how happy she was to be around so many people and Amanda was more than happy to have her in her arms. How could she not!? I spent some time playing with Audrey and she sure could make me laugh. However, after a great night of celebration it was time to part ways.

I had planned on starting a brief Summer Promotion upon my return from a family trip to Hawaii, but Amanda was already three steps ahead of me. I came home to an inbox message on my Facebook page two days after I had left for Hawaii asking to have some photographs taken of Audrey. I felt so terrible I hadn't been able to get back to Amanda sooner but we immediately planned out a photography date! 

Amanda knew exactly where she wanted to have Audrey's photographs taken and I loved how excited she was about the shoot. We began photographing in the rose garden area at the University of Scranton. Most children are a bit shy at first but Audrey dug right into everything around her! There was not a dull moment! First there were all of the pretty flowers, then the sprinkler, then the benches, the grass, mom's bag, her clothes! She was just so content exploring and playing dress up. This girl absolutely loves playing dress up. I think that one of my favorite photographs is the one below of her ever so delicately placing her ballet flats on. She was so serious about getting the task done. Audrey was not afraid to explore either! We meandered over towards the library and she found herself enthralled with some pinecones and an elevator!

The day started to get a bit warmer and, as usual, nap time arrived. Amanda and I enjoyed a little chat and, soon after, I was off to edit the photos. I was so excited to go back through all of the great moments we had captured. I sent them on to Amanda after I had finished editing everything and I was glad to know she enjoyed them just as much as I did. I absolutely loved capturing the little moments of exploration with Audrey and can't wait to see how she grows in the coming years.

Leah Daniels