Amy + Gene: Engagement Session in Scranton, PA

As usual, when I begin to edit photographs or save them into my hard drive I usually come across some older photographs that I've taken and begin to flip through them. I was thinking of what I was going to write on the blog today because it's been awhile since anything has been posted due to summer vacation!  Anyhow, I came across this group of photographs that really always struck me as beautiful and extremely powerful images.  

I first met Amy and Gene the day we shot their engagement photographs. We had been in touch through email previously and have mutual friends but this was the day we were officially introduced to each other. The first thing that I noticed about them is that they were this adorable sweet and well mannered couple that truly cared for one another. We hit it off quite quickly! Honestly, I felt like I was meeting two old friends that day to take their photographs that I completely forgot to formally introduce myself! Geeez! But that's how comfortable they made me feel! We broke the ice early on by breaking a few rules to get the photos we wanted at Nay Aug Park. The treehouse was sectioned off but that didn't stop us! We took an amazing walk through ice, snow and fog to obtain some really beautiful photographs. I have an absolute favorite so I'll start the collection off with that one.

This image is on one of my business cards and whenever I pass them out to new clients most of them respond with, "WOW! This image really takes me there into that moment." That is an amazing response to hear. This moment was truly unique and so was this day. Amy and Gene will be reciting their vows come November and I hope this post brings them back to that day where we captured some awesome moments! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Congrats Amy and Gene <3