Nina and Michael's Intimate at Home Wedding

I absolutely could not wait to share these wedding images with everyone. Nina got in touch with me a few months back about capturing their wedding day and I was so excited! The way she described her vision for their wedding day just sounded perfect and I absolutely wanted to be a part of it. It was very non-traditional as I arrived at the ceremony location which was also Michael's family home in the Greenridge section of Scranton, PA. I walked up to their door and as I arrived Nina's Mother and Father arrived with me snacks and gifts in hand! After we got ourselves settled, Nina and Michael were having fun getting ready together listening to some music as I grabbed my gear to start documenting their special day. Nina and I got right to business and everything about her vintage style was PERFECT! Her earrings, her dress, her hair, makeup, bouquet, the rings, even her amazingly adorable canteen purse! We shot quite a few images before the ceremony throughout the Nordberg family home and each setting was perfect for the vintage style. I had asked if any other guests were attending and they surprised me with "No, it's just us." The just us part was literally Nina, Michael and their parents (of course myself and the officiant as well) and I'm really glad that I was there for such an intimate and special moment in their lives! After the ceremony we grabbed some quick family portraits and then the small party toasted to the newly weds. A really incredibly funny thing happened after the toast. I won't post the photograph online because, well this is a family site, but I've posted the photograph of what I originally wanted to image to look like. I was photographing Michael and Nina's rings when I told them to hold up their fingers and I gestured a certain way to show how they should hold up their ring fingers with the rings on them... well I guess Michael misunderstood me and basically flipped off the world! HAHA! It was wonderful, I loved every second of it because those are the silly moments you don't prepare for and will remember for life. I loved it because in that instant it's like he saying "We're married! Heck yes!'s my finger" lol Anyway, I hope you enjoy the images from Nina and Michael's special day because I truly enjoyed capturing it for them.