Tiffany and Jamie, Mountain View Manor Wedding Celebration, Glen Spey, NY

I received a frantic phone call from a concerned bride a few weeks ago stating that her Wedding Photographer had canceled on her last minute and she didn't know what to do. After a few conversations and meeting with Tiffany Thomas and her family they decided that I would be the photographer to capture their very special day. I was truly honored to have been asked and to have had the date available! Everything about this wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I had a blast capturing it and had an awesome time celebrating with Tiffany and Jamie during their reception. Mountain View Manor was a beautiful space and i had a wonderful drive home seeing many fireworks in the sky and mountaintops! After all, it was Independence weekend. I hope you enjoy the images of Tiffany and Jamie's wedding because couples, families and celebrations like this only come around once in a while! Congratulations to Tiffany and Jamie I wish an eternity of happiness to you both!