Carissa + Dan, Fiorelli Wedding, Peckville, PA

I totally fell in love with Carissa and Dan as a couple when I first met them. The chemistry I saw was incredible and the love that burned between them certainly crossed oceans. My husband and I dated long distance but by no means was it as long of a wait as Carissa and Dan had to see each other. My heart goes out to every single military couple who has to wait months to see each other. Every time Carissa and I had meetings about their wedding day it was usually while she was waiting for Dan to return home. My heart ached for them and I truly wanted them to see each other as soon as possible!

They had to bump their wedding day up to earlier in the year because Dan got word that he was being stationed in JAPAN! The wait was finally over! Dan was home from overseas and it was their wedding day! It arrived with gorgeous weather! Every little detail Carissa had put her hands on was perfect and it was very nice to see the fruits of their labor. When it came time to do their portrait session I was so excited to spend some quality time with them and to have them just BE together to capture their love story one frame at a time. How incredibly beautiful and handsome are they!? I mean come on... GQ couple or what? Carissa and Dan, I wish you both happiness and luck as you enter your next adventure. Many, many years of love and joy to you both. Don't forget to write from Japan! ... I've always wanted to go there... maybe I'll drop it for a visit ;)

Carissa was SO nervous heading up to exchange letters with Dan! But look at her... she's SO EXCITED!!!

Getting ready to exchange letters! Dan kept trying to sneak a peek!!

Dan's niece's dress was handmade by Dan's mother :)

Dan was really excited to show off his new ring to the boys!

Oh ya know, just getting ready to cut our cake with my sword.

Carissa + Dan's Wedding Ingredients:
Cake: Community Bake Shop
DJ: Jason McConnell
Hair and Makeup: Cheryl's Studio II
The Dress: Head To Toe
The Tuxes: Savvy by Sarno and Son