Leah + Raymond, A Springton Manor Farm Wedding, Glenmoore, PA

Leah + Ray's wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. The weather was just right and the setting was serene. As I walked around Springton Manor Farm's property before Leah + Ray arrived all I could think about was the historic setting I was surrounded by and the amazing decor within it. Leah had handmade all of the signs located around the property to direct their guests to where they needed to be. She also did the centerpieces for their reception space AND even did the ceremony decor! How did this girl find the time!? Those signs were amazing and she should definitely go into business making them (if she's not already!) because she'd make a killing with her handwriting alone! 

When it came time to for Leah and Ray's first look I was so excited to capture this moment because A. They both looked AHMAZING, B. The setting was so romantic, and C. There's nothing better than being able to capture those first moments when a Bride and Groom see each other during a private moment like that. I was honored to be present for this moment because they were just so ecstatic to finally be in the presence of one another. You could tell that after they finally hugged after being apart all day, all was right in their world.

As the day moved on the other constant I noticed was Leah and Ray's impeccable choice of music! I mean the girls came out to a Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song during the ceremony! YES! Also, Leah and Ray's grand entrance song has been stuck in my head for weeks now and I finally put it together that it was Leah and Ray's wedding that caused it! Leah and Ray entered their reception space as the new Mr. and Mrs. Nelan to "Sharp dressed man" by ZZ Top. You can ask my husband and he will testify that I seriously have been singing that song for a few weeks! THEN their first dance was "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young, which was so appropriate for their wedding night because there WAS a Harvest Moon!

Leah and Ray mingled, danced and hugged family and friends throughout the night. Their faces show the excitement and happiness of the day they experienced. Leah and Ray have been one of the best couples I've ever worked with and made my position as their wedding photographer one of the easiest assignments I've ever done. The decor and setting was just so impeccable and you'll see through the images below that I literally wanted to document everything around me! Leah and Ray, I wish you the absolute best and I cannot wait to share the rest of these images with you. Enjoy and congratulations again!

Leah + Ray's Wedding Ingredients:
The Venue: The Manor House at Springton Manor Farm
The Dress: Jay West
The Tux: Rudi's Formal Wear
The Hair and Makeup: Alexa Farina at Glamour Me Lounge
The Music: Synergetic Sounds
The Officiant: Reverend Don Paintor (Leah's Pastor at her home church)
The Cake: Clay's Creative Corner Bakery
The Wedding Coordinator: Amy Spacht at Springton Manor Farm
Second Photographer: Emily Taylor
The Flowers: Laura Davis at Savannah's Garden