Memorable Moments from 2016

As the 2017 year begins and my pregnancy progresses I find myself looking back at what a wonderful year in 2016 I've had! The brides, grooms, families, seniors and life moments I've experienced are some of the best one's to date. I feel so blessed to have been a part of each and every single one of my clients lives this past year. I thought I'd write up a quick blog and post a few images that truly resonated deep within. I had to cut these down quite a bit because..... I get pretty carried away. It is one of the hardest things to accomplish, culling images for a blog post, because there are just so many moments that deserve the spotlight. Here's to another year of amazing adventures and welcoming the ones to come! Happy 2017 everyone!

Brotherly love! <3

When a squad of squirrels decides that they want to invade your family session in Washington Square Park in Philadelphia you let it happen because... kids LOVE it!

These boys belong to some of my favorite girls! How adorable are they!?

I love that this Groom, Keith, included everyone important to him !

The face you make when you're really not sure why Mom and the photographer did this to you :)

An absolutely beautiful moment between the Bride and Groom's Mothers <3

The face you make when you really not sure about why you should be wearing a strawberry outfit.

The face of pure joy on your wedding day!