Kyra + Bryan, The Loeb Boathouse and Saint Patrick's Cathedral Wedding, Midtown, New York, NY

As soon as I arrived to capture Kyra and Bryan's wedding day, my mind immediately saw their wedding in black and white. The black and white image is always timeless and elegant. I put my bag down, looked around and thought, "Wow! Kyra and Bryan really know how to put together a gorgeous wedding!" Each time we spoke and emailed each other I knew one thing was clear, Kyra and Bryan love to make each other laugh and know how to joke around (and those are my types of people.)
From the perfect weather to the striking Saint Patrick's Cathedral and dreamy Loeb Boathouse , Kyra and Bryan's wedding was quintessentially New York. It was certainly a day some can only fantasize about. I am seriously SO ecstatic to share these images with you all! Kyra and Bryan, thank you so much for having me along to capture you through my lens, it was a real blessing and a true artistic venture! I had so much fun with you both and I wish you many years of happiness! Congratulations to you!

The moment when you walk through the hotel lobby in your wedding dress and everyone stops and stares.

Kyra was escorted by her brother Jamie into Saint Patrick's Cathedral and down the aisle.