Europe 2016 - London, England and Brussels, Belgium

Well the Northeast storm Stella certainly took over our lives for 24 hours! I took yesterday as a day where I could sit back and enjoy some me time and FINALLY edit the amazing trip Ryan and I took to Europe last May. Yes that's right, LAST MAY! My life sometimes gets so crazy where I hardly have time to enjoy the moments that I captured in my personal life. After thinking about that for a long time, I'm making a promise to myself this year, that I will take the time to stop and bask in the light of the moments I'm living with my family in the here and now. Life is so fleeting and I need to appreciate every moment. Right now I'm appreciating that Ryan and I were so fortunate to spend 10 days meandering throughout London, England and Brussels, Belgium.

I took sometime off of looking at the world through the lens of a wedding photographer and jumped back into my high school roots of street and travel photography. It was a nice break and forced me to create in a different way which then translated into the remainder of weddings I shot throughout 2016. I am SO excited to share some of my favorite images from this trip with you and for 2017 as a whole. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did getting lost in them. 

Obligatory selfie and phone booth photo

This one's for all of you fellow Sherlock fans out there <3

Manneken Pis and some equipment at the over 100 year old Cantillon Brewery

Ryan and I in the ever beautiful and picturesque "De Grote Markt"

Ryan and I in the ever beautiful and picturesque "De Grote Markt"

No matter where we go in the world we can always count on coffee shops to think Ryan's name is Bryan hahaha

I'll be forever a fan of European side streets <3

My everyday dream breakfast in one photo

Those are not rusty tools.... that is chocolate my friends <3