Mike + Karrie: A Family Portrait at Nay Aug Park in Scranton, PA

I first met the Butash family at Grace Bible Church in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. Mike is the Youth Pastor at Grace and honestly has the most dedication, energy, love and compassion for his position there. He loves what he does and would sing it from the mountaintops if he could... he may have already done that and I just missed it. Karrie, his gorgeous wife, truly cares about each individual that walks through the church doors and always has a smile on her face. For as long as I can recall going to Grace Bible I've known them as an extremely happy team supporting each other in every aspect of life. Their children are some of the most adorable and well mannered kids I've ever met. Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to photograph this amazing family!? That's why when Karrie approached me about photographing their family portrait I was ecstatic that they had asked me. I've looked up to them as a role model couple and family. I know the audience reading this will agree with me 100% that their love for God, each other, their children and church is truly a unique and one of a kind experience you have to see to understand. I hope you enjoy the Butash Family portrait! 

Leah DanielsNay Aug Park