The Daniels Family Mother's Day Portrait

I've had the amazing experience of watching all of these adorable kiddos grow up very quickly in front of my eyes. I started dating Ryan around the time Natalie was about 2 years old and Jane was just turning 1. Each child has a unique personality and I'm proud to call them my nieces and nephew. It's very rare that you come across a family who is totally okay with the varied way their children act during a photo shoot and I absolutely love this about my brother and sister-in-law Tom and Becky. Most parents are extremely stressed out with family photograph day and it makes me stressed out when they are. So, it's great to know that there are still mommies and daddies in the world who appreciate and understand that kids will be kids and the candid moments are the best ones to be caught on camera. That's what I want my clients to know from the get go is that no one is perfect and every session is going to be different but we will be spending the time together to capture your children being themselves and not forcing them to be "perfect". That's not what I do, I love playing and running around with my clients and I get to do that with these kiddos all the time! I absolutely love running around on a photo shoot and spending the time photographing each of my nieces and my brand new nephew is something I could have never imagined. Becky should be so proud of the beautiful children that call her Mom. They've done an amazing job raising their children and this family is awesome! I'm so glad I can call them mine. Enjoy!

Leah Daniels