Tiffany + Sasha, A Herman & Luther's Wedding, Montoursville, PA

On a perfect day in August, Tiffany and Sasha celebrated their marriage at the historic Herman & Luther's in Montoursville, PA. As I started to photograph their details I remembered how gorgeous Tiffany's ring was. Sasha had personally designed it and had it custom made! Tiffany became so nervous once she put her dress on, even though they had been around each other part of the day. Taking some serious deep breaths before they met to sign the Ketubah, Tiffany almost broke down in tears as Sasha smiled big at her when they opened the doors to meet. Their day progressed perfectly and ended in one heck of a killer sunset and a HUGE FIRE! I love how adventurous and fun they are. They invited such a great crowd and after seeing the hilarious posts on social media that Tiffany and Sasha send to each other I wasn't expecting anything less than total awesomeness from the night. Their guests were having so much fun dancing and they insisted on having "Despacito" played twice in a row! I am so happy for you both Tiffany and Sasha! Congratulations and please enjoy this sneak peek of images from your beautiful wedding day.

Tiffany and Sasha holding on tight to their chairs during the Hora!