WOW! Where do I even begin? I spent an amazing couple of days a few weeks ago at the NOW Larimar Resort in Punta Cana with Alyssa, Mike, their family and friends. From the minute I touched down in the Dominican I couldn’t wait to get to the resort and start capturing the events. After I arrived Alyssa, Mike and I wandered the resort grounds. We passed by so many beautiful spaces to take photos and plotted our course for the next day!

The morning of their wedding I arrived at the bridal suite on property and there was such excitement in the air! Music was playing, champagne was popping, floral robes being worn by everyone and amidst it all was a calm and collected Alyssa smiling ear to ear. It’s funny how everyone else is moving around like crazy on a wedding day but the bride and groom are the only ones so calm and cool. Mike was exactly the same way.

When I left the girls to capture some portraits of Mike, he was hanging out all dressed up and ready to get the day rolling. His groomsmen arrived and they were so pumped up and happy for him. This was just such a great group of people to come together to witness their friends marriage. The day went on so quickly! I swear it seemed like the moment the ceremony came around it was within a blink of an eye.

Your friends should look at you like this on your wedding day <3

The NOW resort and staff truly went above and beyond to make their ceremony location stunning!!! It was located in the fountain area with beautiful palm trees breezing around in the background. After the ceremony Mike and Alyssa’s guests were whisked away to the garden area to enjoy cocktails and snacks — while myself and the bridal party headed off to the beach to capture their portraits.

I’m seriously so glad Mike and Alyssa picked who they did to be in the wedding. THIS GROUP! They had ideas! — and really wanted to make everything special for them. MIKE AND ALYSSA! WOW their portrait session was out of this world (while these are only a few images and a teaser there are SO many more!!!) — I just look at them and I’m like… I get it, I really get it. They’re made for one another. Two puzzle pieces perfectly forged and destined to find one another. They were just so effortless. I keep saying they were so relaxed and I seriously pray that if you’re reading this and are getting married soon… I hope that you are as calm as they were on their big day.

When it came time for their reception they fooled their friends and family by starting off their first dance to a Nickelback song!!!! HAH! Partway through the song it cut to Crash by Dave Matthews Band. The crowd lit up and screamed with joy! So many memorable moments …from the cake cutting, to the shots as you entered the reception hall, to the final dance. Alyssa and Mike ended their night with the most perfect song! Mr. Brightside by The Killers — every soul was on the dance floor. Young and old singing their hearts out. I am still in awe and amazed that I have the job that I have and get to witness these moments.

They’re just on fire for one another <3

Alyssa and Mike thank you SO much for having me along to capture your wedding day. You are forever friends now… theres no getting rid of me!!! hehehe I wish you infinity years of happiness and love. Congratulations again and let’s do this again at the 10 year mark!