Scranton Cultural Center Wedding | Scranton, PA | Julie and Anthony

Julie and Anthony both graduated from Marywood University in 2010 with their undergraduate degrees, and again with Masters degrees in 2011.  They had walked the stage twice "together" to get their diplomas, but hadn’t actually met.  Given Marywood's small size and the number of mutual friends they had, it was pretty crazy that they had never bumped into each other! 

It wasn't until late November 2012 that they ended up in the same bar at the same time in downtown Scranton, PA. A mutual friend introduced them, and they had their first date the following night. The rest is history! 


The proposal happened when they went on vacation to Utah. Their plan was to tackle the “Mighty 5" National Parks (Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, and Zion). So, they flew into Vegas, rented a Jeep, and drove out to the Utah/Arizona border.  

After swinging by the grocery store to stock up, Anthony mentioned to Julie that he wanted wine, but forgot to pack a corkscrew.  He then suggested they get something with a cork you can pop open, like champagne!  Julie had NO idea why he would want to pop a bottle of champagne on a regular vacation, especially since they’d just arrived in the DESERT! They went with mini bottles of Prosecco - - Julie thought nothing of it. They decided to set up camp for the night at Lone Rock Beach on Lake Powell and scrambled to get on the water to enjoy some kayaking before the sun sank below the trees. The water was choppy and the kayaks were open, which made Julie nervous. 
At that point, Anthony suggested they paddle to the opposite shore to dock and watch the sun set.  Julie debated just going right back to camp, but ultimately ended up paddling over to "THE SPOT!"  

They got out, started walking around and Julie started to search for driftwood and seashells, thinking 'hmm, this could make a cool shadowbox if we get a nice pic of the sunset...'  Little did she know she would end up with "THE PROPOSAL PIC!" Anthony slyly set up his camera to record everything, called her over, and when she turned he was on one knee… 

Somehow it still didn't click, and she thought he was just taking a picture! Long story short, he got the whole proposal on video in front of the most spectacular sunset!  (The ring was hidden in his binoculars case).  

They had to paddle back after dusk with headlamps on because they ended up losing track of time! They made a fire, cooked dinner, sipped Prosecco, and then camped the night under a full moon reflecting over the lake.  SO.MUCH.MAGIC!

Their wedding day at the Scranton Cultural Center in Scranton, PA was so beautiful, and had way too many touching moments. After Julie got into her wedding dress, Anthony had a hand-written note delivered to her, tied with string and a red rose.


Julie hand-designed their invitation suite to match their Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding vibe. They totally nailed it. As soon as you walked in the door, there were candles, tall trees, and little fairy girls (flower girls) running around AND 3 piece-Irish band playing during cocktail hour - - where they made a non-traditional entrance with their bridal party. The dance party was incredible! Anthony's 102-year-old grandfather (YES, THAT’S RIGHT! 102!!!) sang Thank Heaven for Little Girls and during dinner Anthony had prepared a slideshow of his and Julie’s best times together, ending with the proposal video from their trip to Utah.


To say this wedding was amazing would be an understatement. Julie + Anthony, getting to know you through this whole journey and being able to share your love story through my lens was truly an honor I am so happy for you, and your new life together! I hope you’re enjoying the honeymoon!!!! CHEERS!

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