The Ritz Scranton Wedding | Scranton, PA | Laura + Tim

Laura and Tim’s wedding was completely and utterly classic. It was held at the Ritz Theater in Scranton, PA. I totally saw their wedding in black and white as soon as I arrived. When I asked them what they were most excited about they said just being able to have all of their friends and family in one room. They felt that THAT was the most special and important part of their day and I couldn’t agree more! Laura and Tim are both architects and love all of the crazy amounts of beautiful buildings in Scranton. They personally created a guide for their friends to explore the city and see it’s gorgeous sites. They also wanted their photos focused on the architectural beauty built within Scranton.

Laura and Tim held their reception at the old Ritz Theater, which was a really dynamic setting for having all of their guests together. This was a beautiful day to capture and I felt so honored to be a part of it. Congrats Laura and Tim!