Planning your Destination Wedding or Elopement and not sure where to start ?

HERE’S A CHECKLIST to help start your planning journey.

Elopement Planning Checklist

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to elope or have a destination wedding. Let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an exciting time but can also be so overwhelming. I was a bride a few years back and I know exactly what you’re going through. Pinterest wasn’t really a thing so we kind of had to do a lot of the planning and inspiration on our own. There are SO many logistics to figure out just in a local wedding let alone the one that will most likely be celebrated away from home. I wanted to create this checklist for any couple that’s decided that they want to throw tradition to the wind and go on an epic adventure together but…. they’re not really quite sure where to start. Below you’ll find some information that I’ve broken down to get you started AS WELL AS a FREE Downloadable checklist to help you on you along the way.

Part 1: Location

This is the super-duper fun part! This is where you dream of your most desired location! Whether you want a beach, mountains, waterfalls, forest or maybe a jungle - this is where you can start doing your research. Once you figure out where it is you’d like to celebrate you’ll have to think about some of the logistics.

Part 2: Researching your location

Here’s where things start to develop. You’ll need to know the time of year that’s best to travel to your desired location - unless you’re totally okay with just going with the flow and landscape. Will you need a permit to be married/united in the location you’ve chosen, is a marriage license necessary? What shoes to wear, how to get to where you’re going, if you’ll need a rental car, is a visa needed, how will your marriage be legal in the country or state you’ll be eloping in and what your accommodation needs might be (are you inviting guests? Where will they stay? Just the two of you?)

If you need assistance with any of the above you can check out LEDA Destinations - A full service Travel Planner to help with any and all of your traveling needs.

Part 3: Vendors and Clothing

This is the crazy awesome fun part! You’ll get to dream about what you’ll wear, who will document it, who will witness it (if anyone!), who will be your officiant, hair and makeup artist, what your vows will be like, where you’ll head to eat for your celebratory meal (picnic anyone!?) and maybe pack some drinks to celebrate?

Part 4: Implement! 

Now it’s time to start putting everything together! Whether you’re looking to have something intimate with just the two of you or if you’re going to invite guests along it’s time to really start planning. You can also let people know about it OR keep it a super-secret until after you’ve eloped. And if I’m so lucky to have you choose me as your elopement/destination wedding photographer I will help you with ALLLLLL of the above.

Click HERE to chat with me about anything and everything Elopement related so I can jump for joy and start planning every detail with you!

Looking for the full checklist of things you’ll need when planning a destination wedding or elopement?

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You’ve got the list but still need help picking a location? Check out this post with a few location ideas for your destination wedding or elopement: Dream Elopement Destinations

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