Cassandra and Gianluca met while she was vacationing in summer with her sister's family near La Spezia, Italy - Gianluca's hometown. It was truly love at first sight. After a few years of travel and finishing college they surprised their family with their engagement and very quickly planned their wedding for a few weeks later.

I was asked to accompany them to document their wedding day and I couldn't have been happier. From a busy and frantic morning, to a fun filled night with dancing at the water's edge, followed by late night pizza and farinata, Cassandra and Gianluca truly made this day their own. They hosted their ceremony at the local La Spezia Courthouse and their reception was held at Hotel Della Baia right by the sea!

Everything I witnessed that day was so laid back without a care in the world. Cassandra and Gianluca only had eyes for one another and everything else around them slipped away.