There's nothing better than being able to capture those first moments when a Bride and Groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. I was honored to be present for this moment between Leah and Raymond -at Springton Manor Farm- because they were just so ecstatic to finally be in the presence of one another. You could see that once they held each another, after being apart all morning, all was right in their world.

The other constant I noticed was Leah and Ray's impeccable choice of music! Their bridesmaids came out to a Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song during the ceremony, Leah and Ray's grand entrance song, as the new Mr. and Mrs. Nelan, was "Sharp dressed man" by ZZ Top, THEN their first dance was "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young, which was so appropriate for their wedding night because there WAS a Harvest Moon!

Leah and Ray mingled, danced, and hugged family and friends throughout the night. Their faces were filled with excitement and happiness from the beautiful day they experienced. The first verse in their wedding song couldn't be more appropriate to describe the fleeting enchantment of their wedding day and the way you see Leah and Raymond love one another, "Come a little bit closer, Hear what I have to say, Just like children sleeping, We could dream this night away, But there's a full moon rising, Let's go dancing in the light, We know where the music's playing, Let's go out and feel the night."