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Hey there!! My name’s Leah Daniels and I grew up in Scranton, PA on a street named after a tree. And if you’re wondering… isn’t that where The Office was set? YES I LIVE THERE! HAHA! My family and I moved around for a bit, and we have at last landed back in our hometown with our son. I've had a camera in my hands since my first Polaroid camera was gifted to me by my parents in the 5th grade. WOW I'M OLD - that was a long time ago - But what really set my heart on fire for photographing weddings was when my cousin and his then fiance’ asked me to capture their wedding day for them. Ever since that sweet August day in 2007 I was hooked!

You can find me most days listening to podcasts - shout out to all of my fellow GOAL DIGGERS! - drinking coffee, working out, editing, photographing, reading (I’m a nerd like that), hanging out with my baby boy Judah + Hubs Ryan, and finally crashing on the couch at the end of the day to binge watch something on Netflix or HULU.

My photography approach has changed quite a bit since I started + geared more towards the adventurous and wild at heart but MAN I just understand wedding days to their core. I know that it will be THE most important day of your life thus far and it should be a stress free + flawless emotional ride. I’ve got a serious passion for you to experience the absolute BEST day you can on your wedding day and as your potential photographer I feel that it’s my job to not only capture it for you but help you experience it.


  • I lived in Galway, Ireland for a semester abroad in college which flicked the switch for my wanderlust.

  • Some of my photographs were published in the local newspaper of a small Italian city called La Spezia. SIDE NOTE! They have an awesome local pizza shop there called La Pia… find it and eat it.

  • I have a goal of getting to all of my bucket list locations by the time I turn 40! - I better get moving!

  • My husband and I grew up a few blocks away from one another as babies AND his uncle and my father were best friends growing up… BUT we didn't meet until college!

  • I’m on the hunt for the perfect bowl of ramen - give me your suggestions on where to try!!!!



I love coffee, coffee, coffee so let's get together and talk about your vision ... over coffee! Or cocktails! I love both. I want to talk to you about everything you've been dreaming of for your wedding day, elopement or couples session! I want to go into this as your friend and biggest cheerleader! Most importantly, I just want you to feel comfortable and confident. So if you're ready to get rolling, Contact me today, so we can start talking about your unique vision.