I just love how this particular day has its own kind of heartbeat. What really set my heart on fire for photographing weddings was when my cousin and his then fiance’ asked me to capture their wedding day for them. Ever since that sweet August day in 2007 I was hooked! My approach has changed quite a bit since then and my process is geared more towards the adventurous and wild but MAN I just understand these days to their core. I know that it will be THE most important day of your life thus far and it should be a stress free and a beautiful emotional ride. I want so badly for you to experience the absolute best day you can on your wedding day and as a photographer I feel that it’s my job to not only capture it for you but help you experience it.

The experience that I offer is a more intimate, fun and lively one! We’ll have many meetings, chat about your vision, become besties and I’ll ask for sneak peeks of your attire even though no one else should see it but you! I’ll be emailing you probably more than your friends hahaha! When the day rolls around we’re going to be spending a lot of time together so I want to get to know you as best I can! I give more action based prompts than static poses and my ultimate goal is for you to LOOK GOOOOOOOD on your day and with a fun and whimsical way about it! So whether you’re looking to elope in Big Sur, have a quiet lakeside ceremony in Lake Tahoe, or have a more traditional wedding at home with an adventurous couples session the next day - I’m totally there for you and I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader!

“Leah's presence at my wedding changed everything for the better! We were all so happy to have her, and her ability to fit right into the day was incredible! I was able to enjoy my wedding day with no stress, as she kept a great schedule and was so upbeat and positive about everything! Leah is prepared, creative, and SO MUCH FUN to work with!”

“If you have the opportunity to work with Leah, take it. I can assure you that you will be in love with the experience and the outcome.”


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Destination Weddings

For Destination Weddings outside of the US please inquire for a custom quote.

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